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The Wildfires Projekt is California’s latest entry into the Nu-Punk scene. Seamlessly integrating their NJ pop-punk, emo roots with the types of hip-hop stylings found only in California, the band has created a unique sound that is undeniable.


Serotonin, the first single off of their upcoming record “Lost and Searching”, layers smooth vocals, heavy guitars, and ambient synths to make every second a moment. While Serotonin may lean more into the alternative pop realm, with each new song The Wildfires Projekt promises to deliver an odyssey of emotions and sounds that perfectly balance the lightest and heaviest parts of our human nature.


Recently, the band has made a name for themselves by breaking industry barriers with their TV series “Sounds of the Underground” (which airs on CBS) and touring with pop-punk veterans The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

Serotonin Promo 2.jpg
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