The Team

One man can do nothing on his own. The Wildfires Projekt wouldn't be possible without the support from these team members.

rob freeman.jpg

Rob Freeman

Rob Freeman is a producer well known for his work with artists such as Hit The Lights, Armor For Sleep, Gym Class Heroes, and his own band, Hidden in Plain View. Rob and Johnny have worked together for many years writing and recording multiple projects. Rob's production, advice, and writing style has been a huge influence on the growth of Johnny's creative talents, and the overall sound of The Wildfires Projekt.

Cruise Alt Press.jpg

Cruise Russo

Cruise Russo is an experienced studio and touring drummer who has toured the US as well as Russia and Mexico. Cruise's talents on the drums have been integral in the creation of The Wildfires Projekt Debut EP, A Letter To Myself. Doubling as a graphic designer, Cruise has helped design many of The Wildfires Projekts materials, including the logo.


Johnny Minardi

Currently the Senior Director of A&R at Fueled By Ramen/Roadrunner, and former A&R at Equal Vision Records, Johnny (M.) has been one of the most helpful people in Johnny's music career. From building relationships with producers, securing producer partnerships for licensing and charitable music projects, to songwriting advice and marketing advice, Johnny (M.) has been there for it all.